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I am a very experienced competitive Scrabble player. I’ve been playing in tournaments for over 20 years, organized tournaments and am an official director of tournaments, and traveled overseas and competed. Heck, I even married another competitive Scrabble player! But here I am, attending the North American School Scrabble Championships, and I’m not even playing any Scrabble. It has been a dream of mine to see our children play Scrabble, but it always felt so far away.

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Whenever we are trying to teach someone how to play Scrabble, I find we often talk about what to do or how to play better. Find the hot spots! Learn the words!

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Here is a Scrabble Tips quick list of words that I find myself using quite often. Without these words, I am sure I would be trading my tiles a lot more out of necessity.

Scrabble Tips The Quick List

HM, SH, BRR, BRRR, GRR [Bonus *CSW – GRRL, CH] – When you have no vowels on your rack, use these in a pinch!

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