Do you wish to expand your word repertoire, but lack the resources? Have you concluded that consistently testing your play patterns and word memorization skills will help you perform better in your next game of Scrabble?

If you answered yes, then you’re in good company, because we’ve reached the same conclusion.

While you might imagine that Scrabble is all about luck, you can prepare to win by training your brain to think faster and smarter, and there are plenty of word games that can help. 

As you know, a sword that isn’t regularly sharpened will inevitably give way to a dull blade. Likewise, if you don’t routinely utilize a method of quizzing your mental word bank, then your next Scrabble game could end with a tragic, yet predictable, loss.

What follows is a vetted list of challenging word-based quizzes for all levels of Scrabble players.  Integrating one or all of these games into your Scrabble education will ensure not only a well-rounded strategy but an impenetrable one.

Top Four Word Quizzes To Up Your Game


Quackle ( Quackle – kwak! ( ): 

Contains a very robust set of game analysis and simulation tools, along with an AI that you can play your game against, or you can set the AI to play a game against itself, then review the game move by move, finding the best move you can, and then using the analysis tools to see what you missed. 

Since Quackle is not a licensed Scrabble product and the layout is trademarked, you must manually build the board the first time you use it (in terms of what bonus squares are where). Additionally, the analysis tools will take into account any board you create.

Sporcle (Sporcle – Language Quizzes)

Sporcle is a trivia website which allows users to take quizzes on a range of subjects using the web or a mobile device. Its varied array of quizzes will provide you with a new discovery every time you choose to exercise your mental muscles.

Synonymy (Synonymy):                          

Getting good at Scrabble is about more than spotting words, playing strategically, and moving quickly. You should also have a large vocabulary to back this up. 

Synonymy, developed with Prof. Richard Dawkins, is a thesaurus-style word game that allows visitors to move from one seemingly unrelated word to another through similar meanings. The game keeps you thinking about words as its warm/cold sound effects guide you gently in the right direction. Synonymy is available for iOS, Android, and Steam.

Conundra (Conundra – A Brain Training Word Game)

It’s a simple, fast-paced anagram game against the clock that sharpens your sense of pattern-finding. There are two versions of the game available, a free version and a paid version. The free version offers a seemingly random set of letters and gives you 90 seconds (in practice mode) or 30 seconds (in medium mode) to solve the anagram. There is no better way to train your brain to see the possible combinations than having rack after rack of Scrabble tiles to work with.


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