We have your tools for official-dicial, insider access Scrabble tea!  These three tools will make you a Scrabble pro in no time. So what’s next?

Official Tournament and Club Word List

NASPA is the official word list for Scrabble tournaments under the NASPA Games umbrella in the U.S. and Canada. The dictionary was adapted from the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary for tournament and competitive play.

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

Considered essential by millions of SCRABBLE players. Our official dictionary features more than 100,000 playable words ranging from two to eight letters, including dozens of new entries and updated vocabulary with recent additions like facepalm, listicle, yowza, and hivemind. It covers Canadian and British terms with variant spellings. For quick, easy word validation, we provide an inflected form of the word along with a brief definition of the word. Recognized as a recreational and educational product by the North American SCRABBLE Players Association.

The Official Scrabble Word Finder

As we’ve said, The Official Scrabble Word Finder is the easiest tool there is with the possible exception of a hammer and nail. The Official Scrabble Word Finder unscrambles your letters while performing an exhaustive search through our Official Scrabble Dictionary to find words that win while also being sorted by word value and length. There are also other nifty little features for those players who need a bit more specificity with their winning tiles.   Starts With: allows the player to narrow their search by utilizing the letter that you ABSOLUTELY have to play in any particular hand.   Contains: for those who have a bit more wiggle room with their remaining tiles and want to find what options are available for offloading some tiles.   Ends With: this is a special one–say your opponent has played their hand and you’d like to build off their stack. Using this guarantees whatever words you find will make for the highest value play.   Length: When you’re approaching the endgame and all that’s keeping you from winning are not the letters themselves but the number of tiles.   Unsure whether the word you have in play is an actual word? Run it against The Official Scrabble Dictionary   Looking for casual clubs to join where you can connect with like-minded competitors as well as keep an ear to the ground for upcoming events? Take a look at The National Scrabble Association Community Page for all the information a real winner needs.   Searching for the definitive low-down on how to be an elite-level competition Scrabble Player? Look no further cause you’ve already found it–Cross-Tables is the one-stop-shop for competition-approved moves, tile layouts, and circuits.   You’re now prepared to start the long but amazingly rewarding journey of becoming a Scrabble legend!  Congratulations! See you on the competition circuit!

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