Prefixes and Suffixes Tips & Tricks

Hey, Scrabble Go fans. We’re here with some tips about prefixes and suffixes. 

Prefixes and suffixes are groups of letters you can add to the beginning or end of a word to alter its meaning. If you’re newer to Scrabble, identifying common prefixes, and especially suffixes, when they appear on your rack is the best way to start finding longer words and eventually bingos. 

In English, suffixes are more common than prefixes because of several endings that can be added to almost any verb, like Ed and I and G. 

When you identify one of these suffixes on your rack, set it aside. All of a sudden, you have fewer letters to unscramble. 

Finding a word with seven letters is tough, but finding a word with only four or five letters combined with a suffix is much easier. Every now and then, you’ll be able to combine both a prefix and a suffix in one word. 

Start a game now and try out these tips ->


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