Hello Scrabble Goers! 

A brand new feature is available for you: Multiplayer

Update your game to 𝗩𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝟭.40 and above to enjoy this brand new game feature!

Please note that this feature is currently being released, so not all players may have it immediately. We thank you for your patience.

Check for your update now  >> https://scrb.ly/Multiplayer


The wait is finally over for the much-requested Multiplayer feature from our community.

More players on the board mean more fun!

Multiplayer is an all-new mode in Scrabble GO that allows you to play the game against up to 3 opponents. You can choose to play the game with your friends and family or other Scrabblers worldwide.


How do I start a Multiplayer game?

The option to start a Multiplayer match will be available in the following areas of the game:  


  • The Multiplayer Card in the top of the Home Lobby carrousel
  • The Multiplayer Card in the active game section in the Home Lobby
  • The Banner in the ‘Play with Friends’ screen
  • The option will also appear Multiplayer Card in the ‘More Games’ tray on the game board


There are two different ways to create a Multiplayer match:

Random matches:

The game will automatically choose your opponents for the match. These players will generally align with your overall skill level in-game.

If no suitable match is available, you may be paired with an auto-generated opponent.

Custom Matches:

Custom matches allow you to choose:


  •  The number of opponents in the match.
  • Participants from your list of friends, Facebook contacts, and also suggestions provided by the game
  • The choice of Dictionary
  • Order of Opponents turn


Once you have started the match, you can play your turn even while waiting for other players to join.

And don’t forget to chat with all your opponents in your Multiplayer match chat!

Thanks for all your feedback and continued support. Make sure to share your thoughts and suggestions about the game, and let us know what you think about this new update.
The Scrabble GO Team.


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