Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the platform. Please visit the Scrabble Forum for more information or to ask for help within the community.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up at the bottom of the left sidebar of the website. 

When starting a new game, you will be asked to log in to an existing account, create an account or play as a guest.

There are two ways to create an account:

  • With an email address, you can choose your Username and password.
  • Via Facebook

We recommend using Facebook to register, especially if you also play Scrabble GO (Your Scrabble GO account will sync with your web account)

Will replace Scrabble GO?

No, this new platform is an addition to our previous products and they will coexist at the same time.

Multiple Device Detected – What’s this error message about?

If you use the Facebook login to access both Scrabble GO and at the same time, you will receive this message. Simply, close/reload the browser or the game app to remove this blocker.

Do I need to be registered to play?

No, you don’t need to register; you can play as a guest. 

Although, we do encourage you to register to enjoy the entire experience, keep track of your progress, participate in the Forums, and use the chat.

How do I start a Scrabble game?

To start a Scrabble game, you can click on the first icon in the left sidebar of the screen. You can also press “Start Online Game” on the board or choose one of the options on the right side of the screen.

You have the option to decide if you want to play online, compete against a friend, or play against the computer.

To play, you can drag and drop the tiles to the board or click on the board where the arrow will appear for which way you want the word to form, and using the keyboard type the word you want to play.

What Scrabble word dictionaries are available to play with?

Scrabble Dictionaries supported:

  • English – US: Merriam-Webster 
  • English – UK: Collins official Scrabble Dictionary, digital edition 2021
  • French: L’officiel du jeu Scrabble Larousse 2019
  • Spanish: Spanish definitions and FISE 2017
  • Portuguese: Lexico 2017
  • German: Duden and JOR
  • Italian: Zanichelli

Note: Only one Dictionary may be selected to play a Scrabble game with at a time.

How to use the Dictionary? / How can I check if a word is valid or not?

You can check the validity of a word in the Dictionary available in the left menu bar.

Enter the word you want to check and select the Dictionary you’d like to use. You will see the word’s definition, or If it does not exist in that Dictionary, you will receive a “word not found” message.

What more can I do on is the meeting point for all Scrabble lovers from around the world. On the website, you will be able to play Scrabble and challenge your friends. Additionally, you can learn more about Scrabble, keep up to date with the latest news in our Scrabble Blog, and meet other Scrabble fans and discuss strategies and more in the Forum.

How do I play against my friends?

To play against your friends, you have a few different ways:

  • First. Search for your friend via the Username.
  • Send them a Challenge Link.
  • Play recent opponents if you have already played against them. 

If your friend challenges you, then you will receive a notification on the main home page.

Can I play more than one game at a time?

Currently, on the platform, you can only play one game at a time. In the future, we will be adding the possibility of playing more than one game. Stay tuned to all the latest news and updates in our Blog and Forum!

Am I playing in real-time?

Yes, is an asynchronous game experience. It means that players compete against one another in real-time; both must remain within the game until its conclusion. If one of the players is inactive for too long, they will forfeit the game.

Is there a way to sync with my Scrabble GO account?

Yes, there is! If you sign up on the website via Facebook, your Scrabble GO account will sync with your account. Your username will be shared for both accounts, although cross-game play and stats are unique to each platform.

Is there a chat function?

Yes, there is a chat. However, you need to be a registered player to be able to use the chat feature.

You can enable or disable chat at any time from the icon that appears on the screen when you are playing.

Can I mute or report another player?

Currently, you cannot report other players from the chat. However, please report inappropriate behavior in the chat (adding screenshots) to our customer support team via the customer service chat available on the bottom right of the Forum.

Note that you can enable and disable (mute) the chat at any time.

Are there any boosts available?

The platform offers you a classic Scrabble experience, so there aren’t any boosts available.

Are words automatically verified before being submitted to the board?

You can set up the type of rules you want to play with before the game starts. 

  • VOID challenge: With this option, words are automatically verified before being submitted. This means that you won’t be able to submit an invalid word.
  • Double challenge: Players can submit every word, and it’s up to the opponents to challenge in case they believe they are not valid words in the associated Dictionary.  If one or more challenged words are not in the agreed-upon dictionary or word source, the challenged player loses their turn. If all challenged words are acceptable, the challenger loses their turn.
  • 5 Points challenge: If a player challenges their opponent’s play and it is invalid, the letters are returned to the opponent’s rack, and any tiles that were received from the tile bag after playing an invalid word are returned to the tile bag. The opponent loses their turn. However, if the word is valid, the word remains on the board, and the challenger’s opponent receives 5 points.

The challenge button can be found below the board.

Is there a “Teacher”?

There is no teacher on at the moment. We may include some help messages or teacher features in the future. Stay tuned to the Blog and Forum to be up to date with the latest news and updates. And if you are looking for help, do not hesitate to head to the Forum and ask the community! Everyone will be more than happy to help you! 

Is there a skill scoring system?

Scrabble uses an ELO system score that tracks and measures your progress and performance and gives you a score rating based on your performance. The more you play, and the better you perform, the more your score will increase!

Is there a tile bag?

While you are playing,  you can view the tile bag.

You will see the following information:

  • Total count of the Tiles in the Tile Bag
  • Listing of all the letters that remain.
  • Number of Vowels remaining.
  • Number of Consonants remaining.

Can I change my profile picture?

If you are logged into through Facebook, your Facebook profile picture will be your Scrabble Web picture. However, if you are playing as a guest or logged in through another method, a random avatar is assigned to your profile. Currently, you will not be able to change it if you are logged in this way.

Are there auto-generated players in

There aren’t auto-generated players in But you can play against the computer in a range of skill settings.

Where do I find the latest Scrabble news?

You can find the latest Scrabble news in our Blog (link), available on the web page’s left side menu. In addition, you’ll discover articles and information on different Scrabble-related topics such as education, associations, and Scrabble GO.

How do I report bugs and issues I find on

You can contact the Customer Support team in the chat icon that you’ll find at the bottom right of the Forum. Please provide as much information as possible about your issue when contacting the Customer Service team. Such as: 

  • What exactly is not working or buggy?
  • Where in the game did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • What type of device are you playing on?
  • What browser are you using?
  • Have you tried to resolve the issue, i.e., clear cache, tried another browser, etc.?
  • Providing Screenshots also helps to understand your issue.

Note: Due to ticket volumes, your request may take slightly longer to answer. We thank you for your patience.

Can I play my friend on Scrabble GO from

At the moment, we don’t have functionality for cross-play. On, you can only play other web players.

Can I play with my friend outside of US and Canada?

During the beta phase, it won’t be possible. You will be able to play only with other players from US and Canada during the beta phase.

Do my score and stats reset once the beta phase ends?

It doesn’t reset. You will keep all your stats from the beta phase.

Privacy – How do I delete my account?

To request your account to be deleted, please reach out to us by using the webchat located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to open up a conversation with our support team. They’d be happy to help you with your account request.


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