Got Vaccine? Let’s Play!

On May 20th, the North American SCRABBLE Players Association (NASPA) Resumption of Live SCRABBLE Play was announced. As of June 1st, small groups of fully vaccinated players could participate in sanctioned tournaments and club sessions.

The total number of Scrabble participants – including staff – may not exceed 12. All participants must have completed a government-authorized course of vaccination against COVID-19 and waited the recommended duration for it to take full effect.

Click here for the full details of what is Cyan Play for the NASPA Resumption of Live SCRABBLE Play

If the group of players exceeds 12 or all participants are not vaccinated, play continues to be governed by the existing SCRABBLE Safety Level Guidelines.   

NASPA expects to announce the date for the end of the COVID-19 moratorium and the resumption of normal operations by July 1st.

Last year, on March 15th, Ben Greenwood directed the last sanctioned tournament before the COVID-19 moratorium took effect. It is, therefore, only fitting that Ben directed the first tournament under the Cyan Play rules on June 1st in Florence (MA).

Ben (seen at the far right) won the tournament with a 3-1 +346 record. Coming in second was fellow western Massachusetts director Brett Constantine (seen at the far left) with a 3-1 +259 record.


Tournaments are scheduled for the weekend of June 12th in Allentown (PA), Philadelphia (PA), and Joplin (MO) – the latter a 2-day event.

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